Building your first blog: 3 ways to retain your readers!

Most will admit that getting a brand new blog kick started without a dedicated marketing budget can be a pain. Even if you had a tiny budget, you still need a way to get all the initial set of visitors to return regularly! It is important to grow an audience and not just have visitors.

You need dedicated followers if success is to ever be a goal for the blog!

Without wasting your time, here are 3 ways I personally retain all my readers… No gimmicks! These 3 simple steps go a long way!

  • Use call to actions

It’s not enough to creating engaging content! I will tell you right now that it’s very possible to have 600,000 people read a single blog post and never comment, share or engage with it! It is also very possible to get a lot of shares and tweets and no actaul readers. Consumer behaviour can be something else atimes!
This is why giving something for free or asking the user to take an additional step for an extra incentive is a major plus! Case in point my point one above is hidden behind a social locker.

  • Be consistent

Consistency is underrated! Like the average blogger probably blogs once a week and misses dates sometimes (because we are only human). But you need to find a way to be as consistent as possible. If you are writing everyday then write everyday. If it’s weekly then let it be weekly! Do not write one week then nothing for 6 months. Human beings can’t love your writing enough or care enough to wait that long. they will leave and go elsewhere! Especially if what you are offering is information that can be readily found elsewhere.



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