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    Do I need any special qualifications to be an online marketer? I have more than 800 facebook friends and more than a thousand twitter followers, is that enough audience for me to even think of online marketing and advertising? And please, what tips can you help me with? Thank you.

    • Hey @kidd no amount of followers or friends qualify anyone as a marketer. Marketing first begins with quality advertising. Cutting cost and maximizing ROI. You could have 30 friends on Facebook and know how to hit viral ads costing less than 0.003 USD CPE. Same way you could have 5000 and not know the first thing about achieving this. I think the goal for you should be learning and mastering how to use and maximize ROI for the various marketing channels available to you. You could try taking the Google adwords certification for starters for example or try taking an inbound marketing course from hubspot. Good place to start!