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    How can I achieve a 0.0001 CPE and score viral posts every time ?

    • LOL this question is quite direct… But you must first focus on improving your ads. It’s a gradual process… If you are getting 0.05 now, focus on getting down to .04 and then 3… and so on.

      • Lool by improving my ads you mean i should follow what steps and do what deeds?

        • If the ads are more interactive @victor you might notice you spend less per engagement. Incorporate video, images. Catch the users attention and make them take action. It’s not too complicated. Also your target audience matters a lot too. Sometimes not having a specific target audience for some kinds of ads make them perform better. The trick is knowing what ads should be left to flourish and which ones require very very hard targeting. There is also Facebook pixels for retargeting — use it!