The Real Value of That link: Do-follow VS. No-Follow

This one is a topic that has raised serious debate over the years, but the general consensus is that a do-follow link carries more weight and is more valuable than a no-follow one!

Easy to agree, but why don’t we consider a few real life tests that I have carried out personally!

In my findings personally — So far as a link is coming from a high quality source it is almost irrelevant whether it is followed or not! Why? Well, I assume the whole obsession with the followed link is the Trust flow for many marketers and for the noobs followed just sounds better than no-followed. So there…

Thing is however, I do believe search engines FOLLOW no-followed links… You didn’t read that wrong. It’s sort of like an upvote isn’t it! One of my favorite web directories Go-guides almost only gives out no-followed links and I promise you this does not make that one link any less valuable — it is still coming from a very trustworthy source, it is still coming from one of the oldest and most trusted web directories so what is the difference really? It doesn’t pass pagerank? Is that it? You are worried about passing pagerank? A metric Google already stopped updating for years? You kid!

Do not misunderstand this as my saying do-follow links are unimportant, trust me they are — seeing as a healthy link profile has a little bit of everything — I am just saying don’t get yourself all stressed up about whether a link you are trying to acquire is followed or not. If it is coming from a quality source and has the potential to get you some exposure and traffic then that’s more than good enough! Case in point — Press release links!

Google had said since around September 2012 — If memory serves me right — that all press release links should be no-followed. Branded links, anchored, whatever! Just no-follow it all!

No-follow, do-follow is still a quality link from a quality source. Leave it be!


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