What is the most profitable niche to start a new blog?

This is the million dollar question isn’t it! Most young people who only started earning salaries after school do not have the luxury of trial and error when it comes to this. Why? Well because by the time you add the costs of A domain name + VPS + Web Design/Theme + Plugins and marketing you are looking at a number that probably engulfs your entire salary and then some.

Off the bat most people want to just start a blog that can start making good money in no time… But it’s really not that simple. I am however going to offer some insight into picking out a profitable niche today!

If you checked around online you might find that many “experts” will tell you niche sites around — Insurance — Loans — Mortgage — are generally the highest earning! In-fact, if you take a look at the little info-graphic below made by WordStream you would see that these are the top 3 of the top 20… also according to WordStream…

Keyword Infographic


I would have missed an opportunity to help people get jobs (which is something I really wanted to do) and I would have also missed the opportunity to learn that job boards have the potential to make the most money in 3rd world countries with serious unemployment issues! It’s the same way people will tell you celebrity news earns a lot of money but then you will start a celebrity news site today and start running at a loss. You will get CPC as low as 0.04 from celebrity news sites sometimes — it’s almost ridiculous!

The real lesson here is that what works for Mr. Smith may not work for Mr. Victor and that’s OK! Don’t say because Linda Ikeji bought a house in Banana Island — Peddling gossip is now the way to go for you as well. You will be really disappointed when you realize her money didn’t come from ad-sense and you have no way or resources to acquire or command the kind of fees she does for a single ad space… especially from the larger corporations and businesses.

Every niche can be profitable… Depending on how much you love it… Except music, music can hardly ever be profitable… The CPC is too low, please don’t start a music blog if you do not live in the States, Canada or Australia… Don’t do it! Or do it, it’s entirely your business!

Stop by the groups and forums if you have any questions or just drop a comment below. I hope this post has been helpful — if not I hope it hasn’t bored you to death… I’m so sorry.



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  2. Mac Foez

    Its cool to know this kind of information is somewhere waiting to be exploited.

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